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Clothing Store - lesbian, loves, fucking each, mouth
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Claudia Macc & Sissy
Video language: English

Hot blonde Claudia is showcasing some of her lingerie designs to Sissy who is sat taking notes and the sexual tension between these two mounts up pretty quickly! Claudia starts to undress and lets Sissy suck her nipples before she leans on the office desk and pisses all over her. Claudia licks her own juices off Sissy’s leg and kisses her. These pissing lesbians get naked and Sissy takes her turn to sit on the desk while pissing towards Claudia’s mouth! She bends Claudia over the desk and starts to lick her pussy and then it is Sissy’s turn to bend over in a doggystyle position and piss in Claudia’s mouth! Horny blonde Claudia loves piss and these hot lesbians pee into a giant goblet to catch their juices combined. They take turns to juice the golden juices and decide to get each other off with a golden vibrator. They start to get each other off and are filmed pissing while fucking each other with their sex toy. These gorgeous girls continue to enjoy their piss play and pussy licking and finish off a very horny scene for us here

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Clothing Store - lesbian, fucking each, mouth. Clothing Store - loves, fucking each, lesbian, mouth
Clothing Store - lesbian, loves, fucking each, mouth lesbian mouth loves - (Clothing Store)

fucking each mouth lesbian - (Clothing Store)
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Clothing Store.


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Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore Sapulpa !

room lesbian (Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore)...
Release Year: 2013
Cast: Rachel Evans, Leony Aprill, Bella Baby, Nathaly Cherie
Genres: Blouses, Lesbian Sex, Orgy Sex, Party Sex, Pissing
Video language: English

What appears to be an innocent enough afternoon party of playing video games and munching on some snacks turns out to be anything but! I guess we should have known, considering this party is made up of four porn babes, Leony Aprill, Rachel Evans, Bella Baby, and Nathaly Cherie, plus one very lucky dude, and we know these freaks are always looking for a chance to get group nasty!

Sure enough, after working up a little sweat with the Wii and consuming plenty of water in the process, these piss kinksters have to let it all out, and it’s way more fun to piss all over each other in the living room rather than run to the bathroom!

Rachel Evans leads the way, and then Leony is used as a multi-person toilet trough, and from that point on it’s foreplay and golden showers for all, so check out how this party quickly goes from innocent to hardcore and know there’s plenty more from this piss crew coming up!

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room lesbian (Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore)! innocent room (Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore)...
Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore. Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore (innocent, room, lesbian)

Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore - lesbian, innocent, room.
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Their Big Party Quickly Goes From Innocent To A Hardcore (room, innocent, lesbian)


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Hot Party Started With Piss Galore Spraying All Over A Place - lesbian, like, video.
Release Year: 2014
Cast: Chelsy Sun, Bella Baby, Angel Piaf, Barra Brass
Genres: All Sex, Lesbian, Cum Swapping, Pissing, Group Sex, Blouses, Shiny Clothing, Deep Throat
Video language: English

Leny Ewil is one lucky as hell man, first hanging out with sexy Angel Piaf before her little play doll Bella baby comes down the stairs, wearing a see-through blouse that’s perfect for what this guy’s got on his mind…pissing all over her!

Pissing on a pussy is a great way to test a Eurobabe’s sluttiness, and needless to say Bella passes with flying colors, and in light of this freaks Chelsy Sun and Barra Brass also make their way into the scene, coming down the stairs like it’s prom night, only they’re about to get a taste of some golden shower power, with an all out piss fueled fivesome ripping through the place!

Sitting on the couch and getting pissed on, that’s all they need to get this party started, with piss galore spraying all over the place as these freaks get fucked six ways to Sunday!

Looking hot as fuck and taking loads of piss to the face, they piss swap their way to ultimate nasty glory, which of course also involves a cum swapping insane-train! You just have to see these piss sluts in heat to believe how fucked up some classy looking broads can get!

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Hot Party Started With Piss Galore Spraying All Over A Place Hot Party Started With Piss Galore Spraying All Over A Place - slut, like, video, lesbian
Hot Party Started With Piss Galore Spraying All Over A Place - video, like, lesbian, slut Hot Party Started With Piss Galore Spraying All Over A Place.

like slut (Hot Party Started With Piss Galore Spraying All Over A Place).
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love super hot full lesbian (Fully Clothed Playful Hotties Totally Pussy Satisfied).
Release Year: 2012
Cast: Kitty Jane, Gina Devine, Jenny De Lugo
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Gina Devine is our lovely Doctor Dildo in this “FullyClothed” Pissing scene, with a wide array of toys that she puts to good use on some sexy ass babes that need some dildo therapy! First up is long legged beauty Kitty Jane, and Gina makes her show off that sweet ass of hers before answering few questions, ensuring she’ll get the best out of this session. Then she gives the same treatment to super hottie Jenny de Lugo until she’s got both babes nice and cozy on the couch, ready for anything…right where she wants them!

Of course Gina herself has to show these chicks how it’s done after they get started on their own, and when you see the big, circular device Gina pops out of her pussy, and then her own self-fisting therapy, you’ll know this doc is the real deal and is going to get herself and both of her fully clothed patients totally pussy satisfied!

These three Eurobabes are incredibly sexy and they know it, so you’ll get one hell of a fashionable, hardcore lesbo “session” right before your eyes, and when you see Gina crank things up a few notches by golden showering all over Kitty and Jenny you’ll be looking to call up this doc yourself! The piss turns these chicks on so much that Jenny has to step up and keep the piss flowing, so all three babes are nice and drenched with throbbing pussies by the end of this baby! Join in on the session and get off with these piss freaks!

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Hotties Is Leaking of Piss and Totally Pussy Satisfied - love, action, lesbian, genres, les
Release Year: 2013
Cast: Barra Brass, Adel Sunshine, Leila Smith, Gabrielle Gucci, Bella Baby, Bailey, Nicole Vice
Genres: Pissing, Orgy, Lesbian Sex, Blouses
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It’s amazing that these seven chicks have any piss left in them after the first part of this piss drenched party, but you better believe they do, and they aim to keep golden showering the hell out of each other!

With this many good friend hotties around, and with the “Russian Piss Roulette” having taken its course to really get the nastiness started, it’s on now for a seven slut piss-fest, where the toys, tongues, and plenty of steaming hot urine take center stage until everyone is leaking of piss and totally pussy satisfied!

Come check out Adel Sunshine, Leila Smith, Bella Baby, Barra Brass, Nicole Vice, Gabrielle Gucci, and Bailey as they show us what Pissing In Action is all about! If you love piss soaked action this is the place to be!

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Hotties Is Leaking of Piss and Totally Pussy Satisfied Hotties Is Leaking of Piss and Totally Pussy Satisfied - les, love, lesbian, genres

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Fountain Of Love (pissing, first time) De Mossville .

Fountain Of Love
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Alexa Tomas & Dido Angel
Genres: Babe, Cheers, Close pink, Crazy, Degustation, Diving, Lesbians, Mopping, Pussy wash, Shaved, Squirt
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It’s never too late to make a mark in the realm of pissing. Alexa Thomas has come out strong, making a solid impression on Wet and Pissy and a previous b/g scene on ViPissy. Now she gets a chance to mingle with one of the best – Dido Angel – in her pairing with another female for the first time. They both bring powerful and varied elements, fusing Dido’s trademark gorgeous smile and playfulness with Alexa’s straight up seductiveness. Alexa takes a standing position, with her knees coupled together, and she leans forward with Dido directly behind her to get pissed into her mouth. It’s enough to see Dido pissing from behind next, as she steps onto the chair and then more brazenly to the top of the fireplace. In the end, the girls try to piss in sync, both on their backs and raising their legs into the air. Things don’t work out that way, and the end result is better with Alexa pissing first and then Dido. This gives them the opportunity to both line up below the piss headed their way.

Format: mp4
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Fountain Of Love - video, lesbian, pissing, first time Fountain Of Love (pissing, lesbian, first time).
Fountain Of Love (lesbian, first time, pissing, video) Fountain Of Love.

Fountain Of Love (video, pissing, first time, lesbian)
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Fountain Of Love.


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Creamy Blondes – fan, video City of Industry .

Creamy Blondes!
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Sweet Cat & Violette
Genres: Babe, Blondes, Cheers, Close pink, Crazy, Cream, Degustation, Dildo, Lesbians, Pissing, Squirt, Wet toy
Video language: English

In a classic encounter of blonde meets blonde, it’s a pleasure to see Sweet Cat joining us again, along with the long due return of Violette. We find Violette reading up on some great dinner ideas, but Sweet Cat wants to go straight to the dessert. Cat’s disrobing is an effective distraction for Violette, and she allows Cat to strip her down for a happy-faced creamification. But Cat isn’t content with just licking Violette down, and she presses onward with bigger intentions. For every moment that it looks like one girl has the advantage over the other, they keep consistently pacing themselves to keep things equally intense. Spreading and peeing are matched up meticulously and it doesn’t hurt that the girls make a very hot pair. These girls can’t wait to enjoy a purple double ended dildo in their pussies too which they pound before licking clean! Which girl do you love the most in this fantastic and very horny lesbian pissing scene?

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Creamy Blondes - video, fan, blonde, lesbian Creamy Blondes - blonde, fan, video.
Creamy Blondes! Creamy Blondes!

Creamy Blondes
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Sweet cat.
Release Year: 2017
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Genres: Blondes, Dildo, Diving, Close-up, Czech girls, Degustation, Lesbians, Pissing, Pissing in glass, Pissing in mouth, Pussy wash, Shaved, Wet hair
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Stunning blonde Claudia Macc takes on the role of camera woman in our latest update. She gets to photograph the gorgeous Sweet Cat who is posing in a tight latex dress. Sweet Cat strips naked quite quickly and leans on the edge of a glass table before catching a stream of golden piss in a glass. This turns on Claudia so much that she decides to join in. Dipping her fingers in Sweet Cat’s piss, she gets Sweet Cat to taste it. The girls kiss and Claudia gets the golden juices poured over her blouse, turning it see-through. Now Claudia is naked too and bends over to let Sweet Cat catch her piss in her mouth before getting treated to some pussy licking action. They swap places and Sweet Cat gets her pussy treated too then suddenly releases even more of her piss over Claudia’s face and into her mouth. Both girls enjoy tasting their juices which have been caught in a glass and then Claudia gets onto the floor ready for some messy golden showers! After even more piss play, these horny babes get hold of a purple dildo and take turns using it together. Finally, they decide to get even more soaked and treat each other to face pissing where they end up with pee soaked hair

Format: mp4
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Sweet cat. Sweet cat.
Sweet cat! Sweet cat (licking, pissing, video, lesbian)

Sweet cat.
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Sweet cat.


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mouth genres lesbian - (No Pedicure) No Pedicure.
No Pedicure! No Pedicure (extreme, lesbian, mouth, genres)

No Pedicure - mouth, extreme, lesbian, genres
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